“Green is the prime color of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises.”


High Fashion Flowers develops green walls made with replica and preserved plants. Using the extensive knowledge we design and build green walls that are so realistic that many will not realize they are not live.
Green walls are now used through the UAE and increasingly across the world.
Each is unique, designed, built, and installed by our experienced team.
Conceived originally for exteriors, green walls are now increasingly installed indoors; as large statement features and smaller walls.

Moss continues to be our most popular green wall. Its vibrant green colour, tactile nature and contemporary appearance is loved by designers and clients alike.
We work with three types of preserved moss to make panels, pictures, logos and whole walls.
All the mosses are real and have been treated with natural ingredients which preserve them so that they no longer need light or water. The moss looks, feels and smells like living moss but now only needs dusting to maintain it.
The exclusive High Fashion Flowers Green collection is a celebration of the natural world on a much larger scale, bringing new life to the most stylish of interiors. Our range includes stems, trees, topiaries, and even whole green walls for a truly breathtaking feature.
With unrivalled care and attention to detail, we select only the finest flora from sustainable sources to become part of our displays. This is all topped off with our one of a kind fragrance. This fragrance, artfully crafted by scent experts, is entirely unique and the result of months of work. Designed to complement the beauty of our floral creations, rather than overwhelming them, it subtly evokes the peace and pleasures of nature, making our creations an integral, multi-dimensional part of any space.

Why have a green wall?

Air Quality
 Studies undertaken by NASA scientists have shown that plants are very good at removing harmful chemicals from the air and creating better humidity levels.
Sound Absorption 
Green walls can effectively reduce noise levels.
Health Benefits 
Countless studies across the world have demonstrated the bene ts of plants in reducing stress levels and staff sickness rates and improving concentration.

With High Fashion Flowers, you can enjoy the wonder of nature in your home for years to come.