Handle with care

Handle with care


Handle with care

Caring for Fresh Flowers in Signature Boxes

Place your arrangement indoors, away from any direct sunlight, heating or cooling vents.
Please don’t place them directly under ceiling fans, on top of televisions or radiators.
Keep the arrangement in a cool spot for freshness.
Do NOT remove the roses from the box.
Do NOT place anything on top of the roses as they are very delicate.
Flowers stay fresher and longer when they can get a drink! Add a half a cup of water (mineral water preferred) through the top, down to the plastic base of the box arrangement every 1-2 days.

Caring For Preserved Roses
Avoid putting the box of roses in direct exposure to sunlight.
Do NOT water them because water will immediately damage preserved roses. The roses will keep their look for many months without any maintenance.
Keep Roses in a room temperature environment, keep them away from excessive sunlight, UV-light, heat, or humidity.
Do NOT place anything on top of the boxed roses. Do NOT try to remove the roses from the box.
Dust them off from time to time with a soft brush.

Lastly – Enjoy them! Take lots of pictures and share the love on social media using hashtag #HighfashionPreservedRoses and don’t forget to tag @highfashionflowers!

Thank you and Enjoy your flowers!

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